27 Apr 2020

Workplace Harassment

Introduction and Definition Harassment in the broad sense can be considered as a form of intimidation and discrimination. It involves

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12 Jan 2020

Don’t Be A Victim Of Cybercrooks

  Tasha Sims @ Redeemed Business & Tax Services Well, here it is: 2019. The holiday season is over, and

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25 Nov 2019

Business & Taxes

 Four Things to Know about Taxes and Starting a Business Choosing a business structure: When starting a business, an owner

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15 Nov 2019

Is it time to update your business tools?

It’s common for today’s consumers to want the latest of everything from smartphones and cars to  fashion and electronics…and we’re

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15 Oct 2019

Have you been considering outsourcing?

“Outsource”. Many entrepreneurs cringe at the very thought of the idea. Of course there are several realistic uncertainties that come

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09 Nov 2019

Quick Tip: Hiring Staff

When owning or managing a business, one of the most important tasks is hiring staff.

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30 Oct 2019

Great Idea, Now What?

So you have this idea and you’re sure there’s a market for it. Great, now you have 2 out of

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