Hi there!
My name is Dionne and I founded The Zeva Group (along with my husband). I started providing remote support to companies, contractors, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs in 2007—before the terms “VA or OBM” was really a thing. While during that time I have taken on full-time consulting contracts, I love seeing the fruits of my labor, a little more up close and personal.
The Zeva Group is a little different than other VA & OBM groups. While I take on clients myself, I also partner with other professionals for larger projects as well as specific tasks, depending on the need. Our group has grown from just me to 20+ team members. Whether you choose to work with me directly, or have me find the perfect support for you, we work as a team to ensure your project is always complete and your business is running smoothly! We are more closely aligned with a staffing firm—with a twist!
Now, for the boring stuff, I don’t give out traditional resumes, because that is not really what you are interested in … or is it? I started out my professional career way back in 1989, and I have worked for some really large companies: New World Television, Merrill Lynch, Bristol Myers Squibb, Frito-Lay and Express Employment Professionals. I also spend a great deal of time volunteering with organizations that are close to my heart. I also serve on the Board of Directors for International Virtual Assistants Association as the Membership Director.
In my life providing virtual support services and Online Business Management, I specialize in Strategy, Organization, Event Planning and Project Management — those are my sweet spot areas. My experience in everything from sales to HR to wedding planning, gave me a wide variety of skills that allow me to adapt quickly to new opportunities.
On a personal note, I am a wife, sister, mother, daughter and friend to many. I enjoy my loud crazy family life, and credit it with teaching me the skills to be calm in total and utter chaos! I also live on a small ranch (80 acres) with horses and chickens and dogs … oh my! My tag line on my personal website it Classy, Sassy, and bit Smart Assy—and I don’t disappoint.
How We Work …
 Monthly , Weekly, or Project Billing
 Custom Packages to suit your needs
 Weekly Strategy Sessions to stay on task
 Project Management Systems for Transparency
Who We Best Serve
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