7 Tools to help you run your business

When you run a small business, you want to do everything you can to make your job a little less demanding. There are a number of apps and online programs designed to make the sharing of information and communication within a company all the easier; it just takes knowledge of these resources in order to make the most of them. Consider some of the following and see if you can’t make your day to day workload a little lighter.

1) Dropbox

Dropbox serves as a well-known space where you can save your important documents and share them with other business partners. Free accounts on this app do limit the amount of information you can store and share, but this app works well for small business owners looking to ensure that all employees have access to the information they need in order to go about their day to day responsibilities.

2) BeFocused

If you or any of your other employees have a tendency to let their attention wander, then BeFocused will help you maintain a structured schedule over the course of the day. Schedule meetings, work periods, and breaks in order to ensure that you don’t let your attention wander or that you work for longer than you should.

3) Slack

Want to make sure you can communicate with your coworkers or employees, but don’t want to wait for them to read their emails? Slack works like a standard instant messenger, but it is an ideal and private app that makes communication within a business all the simpler. Send direct and group messages, but also enjoy the opportunity to share documents, .gifs, and photos at your leisure in order to ensure consistent communication with everyone you need to speak to.

4) Thunderbird Email Organizer

If you have a number of email addresses that you make use of, then Thunderbird will likely suit you well. Thunderbird enables you to link all of your email addresses and to receive every email you receive in one inbox. Respond to these emails from each of your individual addresses in order to both maintain your organization and to keep from having to memorizing a ludicrous number of passwords.


If you want your employees to keep track of the progress you or their coworkers are making on a particular project, then GitHub is the place you want to be. GitHub tracks each change you make to the projects you upload to its servers and enables you to retrace those changes or share previous drafts with both other employees and those clients you would serve.

6) Square

If you’re looking to streamline your monetary exchanges, you’ll want to look into Square. Square serves as a currency exchange app, making certain that you can pay for supplies or make monetary exchanges without having to reach for your credit card or to make transfers out of your bank account. Square works especially well if you’re manning a stall for your business at the local farmer’s market or if you want to make an exchange over the course of a business lunch.

7) MailChimp

Communication is essential to the maintenance of a strong business. MailChimp will not only let you send newsletters out to folks you want to know more about your business, but it will help you organize your mailbox and maintain communication with your employees. Send mass emails with the push of a button and without the need to revise your transcripts over time.


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