Local Resource Directory and Calendar

LA is a big town so it’s hard to be aware of everything that’s going on and available to you on any given day. We’ll keep you informed about any local organizations and help programs that cater to and support small business. Not only that, we’re actively researching things like upcoming networking events and workshops as well as business to business opportunities right here in Los Angeles where it matters to you most. As your virtual business coach, we do much more than just suggest what to do and how to do it. We’re here to actually guide and help you execute the tasks that will help you be successful one milestone at a time.

This way you don’t miss opportunities simply because you weren’t aware and you can rest assured that you have a partner who is diligently gathering information specifically to keep you prepared.

Direct email Support

Personalized email assistance is just a click away for those times when the self-help tools just aren’t enough for your most challenging hurdles. You’ll always have a complete network of resourceful and experienced researchers at your fingertips to refer to whenever you need just a little help to get over the hump and maintain your momentum. Afterall, what good is support if it’s only available when you have a problem?

Exclusive workshops and networking events and training

As a preferred member, you’ll get free or discounted access to events such as our exclusive networking mixers and our live public speaking training course where you’ll actually have the opportunity to speak in front of a small audience of your peers and learn to be an impactful public speaker and storyteller at your own pace. We also offer free coaching on networking and relationship building which are essential skills for any growing business. When successfully applied, these trainings can be the gateway to becoming a leader in your community, cultivating a lasting relationship that could support your business for years to come.

The BizGuy Forum

Our BizGuy “Forum” group on Facebook is a platform where you’ll engage other local entrepreneurs to share and gain knowledge. With that in mind, subscribers can more often acknowledge what they have in common regarding the day to day challenges of being an entrepreneur in Los Angeles. This interactive group is sure to influence more alliances and foster a healthy atmosphere of peer to peer support while offering exclusive content that can be instrumental to the growth and success of your entrepreneurial journey.